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Raise Right (formerly SCRIP)

What is Raise Right? Raise Right is a year-round fundraiser that lets you earn money while you shop! You can use their cards for your own everyday purchases or purchase them as gifts. Retailers give an instant rebate to St. Peter for Raise Right purchases, and the rebates you earn can be used towards whatever fund and/or student’s tuition you choose.

Where do your rebates go? You choose where your earnings will go. School families generally put their earnings towards the tuition for their children.  You also have the option of putting the money toward the St Peter Building Fund, Church General Fund, Day School Fund, Preschool Fund, Student Tuition, or cash back to you. On the enrollment form, you will indicate where your earnings will go.  This form only has to be filled out once unless you decide to change where they are going.  If you are already enrolled, or enroll online, you can email the coordinator to designate where your earnings will go.

Who is responsible if there is an issue? For any non-sufficient funds check that is returned you will be responsible for the amount of the check plus a $25 NSF fee. After 2 returned checks your privileges will be limited to Presto Pay, cash, or money order. Please make sure checks are written accurately. Any improperly written checks will be returned with a bank fee charge of $12.00. Scrip is the same as cash and should be handled accordingly. St Peter Lutheran Church and School are not responsible for lost or stolen cards. If it is an issue with your card the Raise Right Center should be able to assist you. You can contact them online at or via phone 1-800-727-4715.

Scrip cards are not refundable.
Tuition support and Cash Rebates are not tax deductible.

Coordinator: Traci Brisboe Cole