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Outreach May Council Report 2015


The Mint Festival parade will be here before you know it! We will again be handing out bottles of water along the parade route. We will be accepting both donations of cases of water (16.9 ounce bottles), and monetary donations. Please put monetary donations in the offering plate marked Mint Festival Water. Donations will need to be made prior to August 7th please! Continue reading

Library Corner

A number of books have been put in the library and I’m not sure where they have come from, if you donated books or are donating books please let me know so I can process them properly.

A Shelter of Hope by Tracie Peterson- Is a story of a young girl whose life shadowed by the cruelty of her father and having been deprived of her mother’s love she sets out on a journey to find hope and a future. I am currently reading this story so I can only tell you that I find it very sad that she starts out in the story not able to trust God’s word as true because of the cruelty of her father. How can she believe” in God who hadn’t seen fit to keep her mother alive and neither had He rescued Simone from a fate worse than death.”

Sue Yelden, Christian Education Coordinator



Outreach Council Report October 2014

Festival of Lights is Saturday, December 6th from 6PM – 8PM. Please keep this evening free on your calendar! We will need a lot of help from volunteers to make this a success so please say Yes when called upon to help. If you know of any individuals or small groups with a special talent that would like to perform on this evening, please let me know as soon as possible so I may contact them. We will also have a portion of the evening set aside just to sing Christmas Carols! There will be light refreshments served in the Fellowship Hall, and crafts for the younger children. Please plan to attend!

Michelle Gorby, Outreach Coordinator

August 2014 Outreach Ministry Report

Our Mint Festival Parade entry was a big success! I want to thank everyone the helped out and participated: Tom Gorby, Marianne Schloegl, Molly Schloegl, Laura Schloegl, Travis Schaub, Bruce Bond, Heidi Bond, Ed Cousineau, Tom Bond, Harley Bond, All Schmitzer, Renee Schmitzer, Shilo Quinn, Michal Heyboer, Roscoe Kubica, The entire Seifferlein family, Ethan Mandeville, Jeffrey Mandeville, Phillip Hartner, Jace Fandrick, Lisa Sillman, Lori Eaton, Eva Luce, Hannah Luce, Cooper Luce. I’d also like to thank Tammy Hartner for contacting all of the school families, Dick Stout for arranging the truck, and Pauli Ford for the use of the truck! Continue reading

Outreach Council Report, June 2014

As I pass the Outreach Coordinator position on to Michelle Gorby, it causes some reflecting on the last two years’ challenges and concerns within the position of Outreach Coordinator. I felt the need to be consistent in keeping the church in “community consciousness”. I feel the need is there to have more community activities and showcase our wonderful church and school. Continue reading

May 2014 Outreach Council Report

The community plant/seed exchange has not been able to be publicly advertised as Dept. of Agriculture now HAS to inspect any/all perennials prior to their being moved from one person to another.  Tom Robinson, one of the inspectors has been very helpful but firm.  He met with the Ladies Aid May 1st with some informative handouts and will be present at our exchange on May 24th.  A $52.00 check made out to the State of MI is required, and I have requested it from our treasurer.  However, I am open to donations to cover this latest wrinkle to our community outreach.  Future plant exchanges, even transplants around the church will then be able to be legally shared as long as we continue to communicate with the Dept. Continue reading