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Christian Ed. May Council Report 2015

Christian Education

Vacation Bible School We have volunteers who have stepped forward as leaders in Crafts, Games, Music, Story Telling, and Snacks. We are still in need of people to be on the decorating committee, a Challenge Leader, assist with crafts, music helpers (who can also be helpers to the crew leaders), and more crew leaders, a leader in the early childhood level, and finally clean up on the Friday. With a number of volunteers having very young children we will also need to provide day care and will need someone to oversee that service. Those who help with VBS and share their time and talents are blessed with so much more from the children they meet and the God they serve. Continue reading

Library Corner

A number of books have been put in the library and I’m not sure where they have come from, if you donated books or are donating books please let me know so I can process them properly.

A Shelter of Hope by Tracie Peterson- Is a story of a young girl whose life shadowed by the cruelty of her father and having been deprived of her mother’s love she sets out on a journey to find hope and a future. I am currently reading this story so I can only tell you that I find it very sad that she starts out in the story not able to trust God’s word as true because of the cruelty of her father. How can she believe” in God who hadn’t seen fit to keep her mother alive and neither had He rescued Simone from a fate worse than death.”

Sue Yelden, Christian Education Coordinator



March 2015 Sunday School Council Report

Sunday school spring session is going well. The students are having a great time growing in Christ and journeying through Lent season. We are preparing for Easter to celebrate Jesus and the ultimate sacrifice He made for our sins.

As we look ahead to the summer season of Sunday school, we will have a different  program. Our materials and activities will be a little more casual. We are asking for  your help in reading or crafting with the children only 1 or 2 times during the summer  months. “Many hands really do make light work.” Continue reading

March 2015 Christian Education Council Report

Women’s retreat- 3 Ladies – Diane Thurston, Jeanette Mehney, and Judy Boettger have formed a committee to plan the next women’s retreat. I want to thank them for their service. The retreat will probably in the early part of next year, but look for further information as plans develop.

VBS- Continued working on VBS and started looking at leaders for the different activities. We will be hosting VBS on Aug 3-7th from 9-11:30 am. We are in need of crew leaders and helpers, snack leader, games leader, storyteller, decorators, crafts leader, cleanup crew, and registration people. Please pray about joining us as we host the Camp Discovery VBS. The event will culminate with a float in the Mint Festival parade featuring our Camping expedition. Work is also being done to create a link on the webpage for VBS registration. Continue reading

Christian Education Council Report October 2014

I met with Pastor about the Children’s Christmas program. It will be a combined program for Sunday school and Christian Day School. We have decided to do The Brightest Star. Service will be on Dec 14th at 10:30 service. There will 3 practices for everyone. Nov 23rd, Dec 6th, and Dec 13th with a final run through on Dec 14th during Sunday school. Continue reading