School Board June Council Report

The School Board met on June 9, 2015 for our regular meeting with five board members present, 1 absent, Pastor Nuttmann, Tina Gust and tow guests. An invitation was sent to the two new school board members, Dan Besemer and Lori Eaton, who were our guests. Welcome aboard Dan & Lori!!

We all viewed the CD “ Now You Have Been Elected to the School Board. We discussed the school checking account of which there are certain funds that will be retained as usable functioning funds for the future. The line items are:

  • “Camburn Scholarship” to be used for scholarships,
  • “Chapel” to be used for student mission projects,
  • “Box Tops” to be used for equipment and supplies, and
  • “Technology”, which of course, will be used for technology

Since our world is becoming more paperless, state testing, etc. will be done with the technical equipment. It is our goal to be able to purchase sufficient equipment for the largest number classroom and all teachers.

We reviewed the school “Action Plan,” which will be documented in the School Board Minutes, which evolved from the recent accreditation process, identifying areas that need review and to improve the overall effectiveness of the ministry of the school. The document also tries to identify the person(s) responsible for overseeing these areas for improvement. It also sets forth recommended actions to support these targeted areas of improvement, care and evaluation. Hopefully this is a beginning to conducting a systematic way, a culture of goal setting, planning and self-evaluation for an overall school improvement policy. There are two areas that are at the top of the list. One: A unified Church and school mission/purpose statement, and two: a tool for regular goal setting, assignment of responsible person(s), planning steps, and evaluation. The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.  

I do not quite know how to reflect on my two-year journey as St. Peter School Board Chair. I have learned so many things and yet there is much more to learn. I want so much for each child to learn, to be able to “sponge” up all the knowledge they can in their Christian School, and then pass on what they have learned on to others. Basically, I want them to make a difference in God’s world. I was very excited to read in the e-mail newsletter from Michigan District, a couple of weeks ago, St. Peter, Saint Johns was in their newsletter on their prayer list. Hey, that is us!!  

We are a part of God’s world and all that He does. As a former student of St. Peter, I feel very blessed to have been a part of the history here. Soon the “old school” building will be in the past just like the old hall,” but the students and memories will continue forever. It is my hope and prayer that we are able to bring back all 8 grades and that the school continues for many years to come, but that is in God’s hands.  

It is a life-long journey for a child who is brought to faith by Baptism, receives a Christian Education in our school, and becomes confirmed   It continues in our youth, young adulthood, and then as parents and to grandpa’s and grandma’s. It is a life long journey of “growing in grace, knowledge, and love for our Lord Jesus Christ, in learning about Him and His love for us. He walks beside us throughout our life’s journey, picks us up when we slip and strengthens us when we are weak. He is the pillar in our life that we need at our side.

Currently, the school is in a transition period. It is like a wheel fell off, it has been temporarily fixed, but it is the goal of the School Board to encourage called teachers and workers in our school. I look at the many opportunities to serve our Lord, and the many ways we can serve. It is “all of us, working together that makes everything happen. God will do the rest.

It was in reading “The Confirmation Journey” provided by Michigan District that prompted me to write my concerns regarding our school. And maybe this all stems from the fact that I was able attend through the 8th grade and to be confirmed.   I thank God that I was able to do that.

I also thank each and every one of the school board members, for the journey of the past two years. To each of you, individually, “THANKS FOR BEING THERE!!” Thanks for your support, your help, and your encouragement. You are all God’s Special Gift.

God be with the New School Board as they continue the journey into the coming years.  

God’s Blessings To All,

Jeanette Mehney, Chair