Christian Ed. June Council Report

VBS planning continues to go on. We had our first planning meeting in May and the next one will be July 20th at 7:00 pm. It will be important that everyone who is involved attend this meeting. We need to get some information from you before VBS starts.

We have the major positions filled for VBS but still need help in assisting the crew leaders, clean up, early childhood helpers and day care, and help getting the publicity banners set up. If you can help in any of these areas please give Sue a call at 224-7327. I want to thank the people who have already stepped forward to assist in this wonderful event.

Another thing we can use is your prayers for the success of the VBS 2015 program, donations of items that are listed in the rear of the church, and financial support through your offering envelope designated for VBS.

Children are another need for the success of the program. If you know of a child in preschool-grade 5 invite them to VBS. Word of mouth and personal invites are a great way to spread the news.

WOMENS Retreat: A committee is still looking into the interest in having a women’s retreat. If interested please call Diane Thurston to let her know whether you would be interested in attending a retreat.

Library Corner:

  • Books 2 & 3 of the Westward Chronicles by Tracie Peterson continue the story of the Harvey House girls.
  • Hidden in a Whisper is set in New Mexico when they open a new resort catering to the needs of the wealthy.   Rachel the main character struggles with emotions dealing with a self-centered employee and embracing her faith and renewing a friendship with a person from her past. It is a great story that continues the story started in A Shelter of Hope.
  • A Veiled Reflection is the final book in the series that deals with life in Arizona at the Harvey house during the time of the Navajo unrest. Jillian is confronted with people with poor attitudes toward people of another race. Her upbringing is challenged to regard the Navajo as people with rights and privileges just as the white people who are living in the territory. She never suspected that her world would change so drastically and that she would have to defend herself to her own family.

Sue Yelden, Christian Education Coordinator