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Preschool May Council Report 2015

Preschool Report

We just celebrated Bring a Worm to School Day today! The children each had worms to look at and learn about. The students used magnifying glasses to get a closer look at their worms. We painted with plastic worms, had worm races and even made worm hats!! We learned worm facts like…Worms have a mouth but no teeth, so they can’t bite you! Worms also breathe through their skin.   The children had so much fun learning about these amazing creatures that God created for us. Continue reading

Christian Ed. May Council Report 2015

Christian Education

Vacation Bible School We have volunteers who have stepped forward as leaders in Crafts, Games, Music, Story Telling, and Snacks. We are still in need of people to be on the decorating committee, a Challenge Leader, assist with crafts, music helpers (who can also be helpers to the crew leaders), and more crew leaders, a leader in the early childhood level, and finally clean up on the Friday. With a number of volunteers having very young children we will also need to provide day care and will need someone to oversee that service. Those who help with VBS and share their time and talents are blessed with so much more from the children they meet and the God they serve. Continue reading

School Board May Council Report

School Board

The School Board met on May 12, 2015 at 6:00 PM at its regular meeting.

We are planning a training session for the entire School Board at our June 9, 2015 meeting at 6:00 PM. There is a CD and a power point presentation from the District Office that should be helpful. A personal invitation will be sent to the newly elected members. We reviewed the Report Summary signed by the Team Captain, Mr. Tim Frusti , on the May 5-6, 2015 School Accreditation Visit. Remarks were: Continue reading

Outreach May Council Report 2015


The Mint Festival parade will be here before you know it! We will again be handing out bottles of water along the parade route. We will be accepting both donations of cases of water (16.9 ounce bottles), and monetary donations. Please put monetary donations in the offering plate marked Mint Festival Water. Donations will need to be made prior to August 7th please! Continue reading

School Admin May Report 2015

School Administrator Report

Moving forward we need to isolate the arias mentioned in the accreditation report that are at a one or two, to develop action plans. When we have accomplished this in the next week or so, then we can send the finished report over to the district, and down to St. Louis at the synod for final review. I am trying to have this as much a collaborative work as possible, as the words and plans I write become the direction for the school for the next few year, for someone else to administrate as I am stepping back to a pastor only role. Thank you to all who helped with the accreditation effort. Continue reading

Stewardship & Missions May Council Report 2015

Stewardship and Missions

Special Easter Offering: The special Easter offering generated enough to pay off our second mortgage. (KITES) Praise God! But our challenge is not completed until our primary debt is eliminated. (Faith Family Forever)   Please prayerfully consider how our Lord and Savior has blessed you and join the stewardship team in the effort to retire this debt as well. If you have been faithfully contributing to KITES now is the time to continue your support in addition to your regular tithe to get St. Peter Lutheran Church debt free. Simply mark your envelope Mortgage or FFF. Continue reading

Library Corner

A number of books have been put in the library and I’m not sure where they have come from, if you donated books or are donating books please let me know so I can process them properly.

A Shelter of Hope by Tracie Peterson- Is a story of a young girl whose life shadowed by the cruelty of her father and having been deprived of her mother’s love she sets out on a journey to find hope and a future. I am currently reading this story so I can only tell you that I find it very sad that she starts out in the story not able to trust God’s word as true because of the cruelty of her father. How can she believe” in God who hadn’t seen fit to keep her mother alive and neither had He rescued Simone from a fate worse than death.”

Sue Yelden, Christian Education Coordinator



Thanks From the School Board

PRAISE GOD!! And THANK YOU to ALL, as you assisted in the Accreditation process. In working together we accomplished the task and received a 3.0 level of success in attaining the 1st step of our goal to remain accredited. The process continues to the district level and then on to synod. If we are accepted in all those steps, perhaps some time in late August/September we will be visited by Tim Frusti or Bruce Braun, from the District Office, who will present us with a Certificate of Accreditation. Continue reading