Youth Council Report October 2014

Pastor Nuttmann met with several high school youth Sat Oct. 11th for breakfast at the wheel Inn. He was able to talk with them about what they would like to see happen with the youth and how they would see themselves as a part of the church. They have some great ideas. Starting in November the cottage (the teacherage) with be open on Wed. evenings at 7:00-? for senior high youth to get together to talk, do homework, listen to music, plan events, or just have a place to hang out with each other. All senior high are welcome. Bring a friend or two. Pastor will stop in to talk with you. This will also give you the opportunity to plan out the events you would like to do this year. Starting the first Sunday in November we will be having breakfast during Sunday school for Senior and Jr. high. Please come join us for food and fellowship as we learn more about what the Bible and what an awesome God we have. Jeremey Heimsoth is our new Sunday school teacher. Thank you!!!

 Tammy Hartner, Youth Ministry Coordinator