Monthly Archives: September 2014

August 2014 Social Ministry Report

FOOD BANK – Ellie Camburn continues to do a wonderful job coordinating the St. Peter Food Bank program. She is assisted by Al and Renee Schmitzer and Larry & Pam Mohr. The Food Bank is in place to serve both St. Peter members and community members in need of assistance for food and or non-perishables. Names and personal information regarding individuals who utilize the food bank are always confidential. Continue reading

August 2014 Outreach Ministry Report

Our Mint Festival Parade entry was a big success! I want to thank everyone the helped out and participated: Tom Gorby, Marianne Schloegl, Molly Schloegl, Laura Schloegl, Travis Schaub, Bruce Bond, Heidi Bond, Ed Cousineau, Tom Bond, Harley Bond, All Schmitzer, Renee Schmitzer, Shilo Quinn, Michal Heyboer, Roscoe Kubica, The entire Seifferlein family, Ethan Mandeville, Jeffrey Mandeville, Phillip Hartner, Jace Fandrick, Lisa Sillman, Lori Eaton, Eva Luce, Hannah Luce, Cooper Luce. I’d also like to thank Tammy Hartner for contacting all of the school families, Dick Stout for arranging the truck, and Pauli Ford for the use of the truck! Continue reading

August 2014 School Board Report

I think that this is one of the most difficult news articles I have had to write. Usually something exciting has happened and I just want to share my excitement with you. It is the middle of August; school is not in session yet. The teachers are planning and doing things that teachers do. But I guess I just feel like I am on the outside of a candy shop and just looking in. I am just praying and waiting for all the children to come to school. Continue reading