Monthly Archives: June 2014

Social Ministries Council Report, June 2014

Soup kitchen – September 6, 2014 is our next date to serve at Christ Lutheran’s soup kitchen. We will be bringing food items to help stock their pantry. This is greatly appreciated as the resources the soup kitchen had relied on in the past have dwindled.  They are also looking for Saturday kitchen managers.  Our sister church is in need.  Can we help fill in some gaps?  We may want to discuss as a council donating pantry items on a monthly basis.  I discussed, with Theresa Silm, my desire to continue working as the St. Peter contact for the soup kitchen. Continue reading

Stewardship & Missions Council Report, June 2014

As we begin a new physical year at St Peter, I will remember last year as the year of the “special projects”.   We celebrated 125 years of our church building and special funds were donated to that project. We needed new tables and chairs and special funds were donated to that project. And with great joy, we needed money to move our new pastor and his family to Clinton County and funds were given. Let’s make this year’s “special project” an intense effort to support the ministry at St Peter. Continue reading

Outreach Council Report, June 2014

As I pass the Outreach Coordinator position on to Michelle Gorby, it causes some reflecting on the last two years’ challenges and concerns within the position of Outreach Coordinator. I felt the need to be consistent in keeping the church in “community consciousness”. I feel the need is there to have more community activities and showcase our wonderful church and school. Continue reading

School Board Council Report, June 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

By the time you will be reading this the 2013-2014 school year will be a part of history and we will be turning the page focusing on the 2014-2015 year. I think I would look back on the past year as a “track” year. Just envision yourself at a school track meet and as you start to run you are excited to be able to run the race (school year) without any hurdles. Most of the time everything goes smoothly, due to everyone’s expertise, but every once in a while a hurdle jumps up and upsets things. I look at the hurdles as growing pains or weeds in the garden. Look how dull things would be if everything stayed the same every day or we had nothing to do. Life could get quite boring so when hurdles occur you pick up the pieces and put whatever back in place to make things better or at least try. And you pray a lot. Continue reading