Monthly Archives: May 2014

Youth Ministry

We had a wonderful weekend on our mini-youth retreat.  Check out our new youth website through the church website to see all the fun we had!!  We are looking forward to planning our next youth event up at the Ingleright Cabin.  Thank you John and Hannah for hosting this fun event.  Continue reading

May 2014 Stewardship & Missions Council Report

Special Easter Offering: The special Easter offering generated $2, 915 to pay down our second mortgage. (KITES) It was stated at the April Voters’ assembly that if every family gave an additional $5.00 to $10.00 per week (over and above the regular tithe) this debt could be retired within a year. Please pray full consider how our Lord and Savior has blessed you and join the steward ship team in the effort to retire this debt. Continue reading

May 2014 Outreach Council Report

The community plant/seed exchange has not been able to be publicly advertised as Dept. of Agriculture now HAS to inspect any/all perennials prior to their being moved from one person to another.  Tom Robinson, one of the inspectors has been very helpful but firm.  He met with the Ladies Aid May 1st with some informative handouts and will be present at our exchange on May 24th.  A $52.00 check made out to the State of MI is required, and I have requested it from our treasurer.  However, I am open to donations to cover this latest wrinkle to our community outreach.  Future plant exchanges, even transplants around the church will then be able to be legally shared as long as we continue to communicate with the Dept. Continue reading

May 2014 Elders Report

Ongoing Topics and Changes

  • Devotion: Phil. 2:1-3,12-13
  • This is Pastor Laeder’s last time for meeting with Elders
  • Pastor Laeder will be here this Sunday (May 25th) and Wednesday (May 28th) for installation of Pastor Nuttman and then again on Sunday, June 15th.
  • Pastor shared what a blessing it was for him to be here and service our church and people

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