November 2013 Social Ministry Council Report

Social Ministries

Food Pantry: 471 items were donated by the students and their families during the month of October.  What a blessing!  The food pantry team is accessing the need in the community and looks forward to passing on the blessing through Thanksgiving food baskets.
Soup kitchen-December 14 is our day to serve.  We will be bringing canned fruit for 100 people with us.  My family will be attending our daughter’s graduation from CMU and will not be able to serve.  I will make calls to those who have served in the past to get an idea of who will be helping.

Blood Drive: The Silms have their first blood drive under their belts.  Brie from RC was able to meet with them to go over things that day.  I am waiting for more information from Theresa regarding number of donors, etc. -This is an effective informational tool for many things Lutheran.  I have been using it for direction as social ministry coordinator.  I would like to have a door offering soon to go toward the Lutheran disaster relief fund.  I will be speaking with Diane Thurston about organizing the building of kits here at St. Peter to replenish the approximate 26,000 being sent to the Philippines. This could be a church wide project.  How wonderful would it be to have an assembly line of sorts in the fellowship hall, manned by young and old, praying and working for people in need in the future!  We do have the power, through Gods word and Jesus’ sacrifice, to affect Gods kingdom in the unforeseen future!

Your sister in Christ,

Christine Billips, Social Ministries Coordinator