Youth Mission Trip-Crow Reservation

From July 11-18 we will be heading to south-central Montana, where you will see rolling hills, plains and water creating a beautiful scene full of fish and wildlife, and helping those in need for our 2014 Mission Trip!    Like many cultures the Crow people struggle with poverty and unemployment.  During the week you will serve the community by helping out with children’s programs, home improvement projects and a sports program.  You will have a chance to travel to the little bighorn picLittle Bighorn Battlefield and learn about Lakota Sioux/ Northern Cheyenne/Arapaho tribes victory over the Seventh Calvary, in an effort to preserve their way of life.  You will also visit Willow Creek Dam, learn about throwing stars and teepees and enjoy a meal with the community members at a cookout.  for crow reservation, youth

If you are interested in joining us for this awesome adventure, please call the office or sign up on the sheet on the Youth board in the fellowship hallway.  A $65 non-refundable deposit is due Dec 15.  Hurry space is limited!!  For questions or concerns, please contact Tammy Hartner by calling the office at 989-224-3178.

Tammy Hartner, Youth Ministry