We have 15 people participating in the Big Day of Serving in Grand Rapids on Sat the 19th. There are 5 parents and 10 youth. We will be gearing up to get the word out on the mission trip. We are considering opening this up to the other area churches (Lutheran) if we have spaces left to fill. What would our liability be due to the fact that it is our church that made the reservation? What would we be responsible for?

We would like to have a close group involved so all the youth would need to participate together in activities and fundraising to get to know each other before they go. I will contact other churches after I know our own commitment to this trip. We have not had anything new going on to ask the other churches to participate in. I will contact them soon regarding the giving room In Dec. 

Should I see if any youth would like to help out during fall fest with crafts?

Tammy Hartner, Youth Coordinator