School Board

October 2013 meeting:

CORRECTION: The School Board report for September 2013 stated that the advertising for the Large Sign came from monies from the school checking.  At the council meeting Tom stated that it was paid from line 316, School Board Budget. This is another reason to put a monetary plan in place so we can track our spending.

  • We signed the contract for preschool teacher, Tina Gust.    
  • Discussed the Accreditation update.  The preschool is not part of the Accreditation process. 
  • Approved a motion to extend a call to Doug Asiala as Principal/Teacher upon his completion of the Colloquy program.
  • Discussed several ideas for strategic planning for this year and next.  If anyone has any ideas they would like to share to help us in this endeavor please pass it on to any of the school board members. 
  • We are looking for an Admissions Councilor to facilitate marketing/publications/advertising/recruiting/etc. and to assist in other administrative areas.
  •  We met with the staff to finalize the Discipline Policy.  The time spent with them was very valuable and the Board would like to thank them for their input and taking time out of their lunch hour for this purpose.  The Discipline Policy was adopted.
  •  The Preschool and Day School students will be singing at the 125th Celebration Sunday, October 13, 2013.
  • The PTL is planning a Fall Festival for Saturday, November 2nd.  Please come one and all and join in the fun they have planned. 

Jeanette Mehney, School Board Chairperson