Church Properties

I received a quote for cutting down four trees we’ve deemed dangerous. Two are near the Church. They are the ones that caused all the damage. The other two are at the Cabin (Pastor Ropers) and in front of teacherage. $2600.00

I also received a quote for two broken windows for a new 50” x 50” picture window and an adjacent window. $1019.38

Westphalia Electric assured us that the gym lighting should be installed within the next couple of weeks, this will include all new LED exterior lighting and Church lights.

Again, a big thanks to the properties crew. Al, Barry, John B., and Harold for removing the two fuel oil tanks from the old parsonage basement. The whole crew does a lot for the Church and School behind the scenes and are very much appreciated. We are truly blessed.

God Bless,

Mark Zamarron, Properties Coordinator