125th Anniversary Thank You

    The 125th Anniversary Celebration last Sunday marked a historical event at St. Peter – 125 years of continuous worship in our church building. Imagine: worship by the founders of St. Peter began here just a stone’s throw after the Civil War and Emancipation Proclamation. Our church was a place of refuge and strength through the first world war and then a massive depression followed by another world war. It has seen bust and boom times and wars in Korea, Viet Nam, assassinations of President Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the 9/11 attacks, and more wars throughout the Middle East.

   On the lighter side, our church building was the site of many baptism, confirmations, weddings, Christmas carols and Easter mornings. Many funerals have been held in our church, often bringing full circle a member’s life on earth. Our thanks for last Sunday’s celebration go to:

  • Kitchen Crew – Janet Lyons, Ann Shellito, Jeanette Mehney and Olga Matteson
  • Clean-Up Crew – Amy Martens, Pat Martens, Brenda Flegler, Shirley Huguelet, Tina Gust and Judy Boettger
  •  Cookie Makers – Judy Bengel, Chris Grennell, Abi Heimsoth, Lori VanBeelen, Debbie Schrader,  Ann Shellito, Pam Mohr, Tam Buehler and Olga Matteson
  •  Homemade Ice Cream – Boettgers, Luces, Lyons, Harts, and Bonds.
  •  PowerPoint Presentation – Bryan Luce
  •  After-Dinner Entertainment – Doug and Sarah Asiala and the Schrader boys

   Finally, our thanks to the people who originally hatched the idea of marking this moment, the members of the 125th Anniversary Celebration Committee: Mark and Jackie Zamarron, Frank and Diane Hart, Kathy and Bruce Bond, Larry Mohr, John Burgess and Harold Anderson. They have done an outstanding job so far of “creating an environment where people can know and be more like Jesus Christ,” and doing so in a way that considers all opinions while making their decisions based not on personal opinion but based on what is best for the church. They’ve made a good start, but there is more to do.

   You still have time, and we still have need, for your special offering and support beyond your regular tithe. By taking action and placing your treasure where your heart is, you can demonstrate to yourself, others and God that St. Peter is in revival. St. Peter can thrive again, but only if we place faith into action. Please consider a generous donation now.

Rick Houghton, Chairperson